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why is enhanced marketing solutions the best choice for you?

you have many alternatives for promotional products. we believe our intense personal service, years of marketing experience, great products, and even better prices make us the best solution for your promotional products needs.

our products

weeding through the more than 750,000 promotional products available to you can be quite overwhelming and even annoying. frankly, there is a lot of junk to sort through to find the jewels in the industry. we work very hard to take those 750,000+ products, throw out the junk, and narrow down to the 50,000 best products in the market place. we know which manufacturers consistently deliver on time; who stands behind their products and who has the graphics skills to make your products look the way they should for you. we will help you find exactly what you are looking for to maximize your event or branding. this is a very labor-intensive process and probably the most important service we provide to our valued customers.

our prices

our prices are extremely competitive! our goal is to provide the lowest prices with the best service. while we know you might sometimes find a product cheaper somewhere else, however we are confident that our integrity and attention to detail will make us your marketing partner for years to come.


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